We offer a wide variety of products and services. We have complete lines of new imported pianos for the beginner, advanced, or professional pianist or artist.

We are the only company in Rosario which has a workshop equipped with the highest technology for restoring upright and grand pianos, built with thermal, acoustic, and eco-friendly materials, therefore reinforcing our strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

Besides our original spare parts imported from Europe, USA, and China, we have to mention the excellence of each one of our technicians, every one of them trained and specialised internationally with the best teams of piano technicians.

Additionally, we continue to invest constantly in new technical knowledge and also in the adequate materials and tools necessary to do our job in an innovative and cutting-edge way.




In practice, tuning a piano consists in adjusting the tension of the strings so they sound at the correct frequency. The strings are adjusted by turning the pins with a special wrench. It takes a lot of practice and experience to do this job properly, as tuning involves adjusting the tension of every string in the piano. When the tension of the strings is altered, so is the pressure these apply on the soundboard, which, in turn, changes in shape due to these pressure fluctuations.



A piano must be completely repaired and restored in order to enjoy its full potential. Nowadays, the age of old pianos in our country is between 80-100 years and their accurate repair is essential if we hope to practise on them.

As many of us already know, it is not always easy to buy our first piano or to help our children to do so, but sometimes it is so complicated that a musical career is at risk due to lack of a good instrument and, as a consequence, the studies are dropped.