Our Showroom

On the 1st of October of 2010, we opened the doors of our new workshop specialised in repairing, restoration, and tuning of acoustic pianos.

It is equipped with all the necessary technology to work comfortably with each piano.

Our work system makes our job organised, effective, and coordinated, so we can achieve a speedy delivery of our repairs and restorations.

We have a pressurised cabin where we polish the pianos, which has the proper lighting, dry filters, and an extraction system, as well as windows so the client is able to watch as the work is done, and also to provide even better communication between us.

Our facilities have been built with thermoacoustic “RETAK” bricks and have a double insulation roof so as to preserve the pianos at the appropriate temperature. Our clients can rest assured that their pianos will be in a controlled environment.

It has excellent lighting and we have great furniture functionality, which enables us to have the right stock of materials we need to repair the piano.

Moreover, we have installed an overhead travelling crane to hoist the pianos, since our workshop is on the first floor.

It is also used there to move and repair the pianos.

All of this has been achieved thanks to the trust all of you, our clients, have put in us so Rosario could have a high performance repair and tuning workshop.

Our commitment is to keep working so every day you can enjoy a better service and personalised attention.

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